Broad Objectives

  • To take up policy initiative for accelerated development of renewable energy in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution.
  • To undertake effective co-ordination between different technologies so as to obtain optimum availability of power.
  • To initiative various measures to ensure adoption of energy efficiency across sectors.
  • To undertake research projects to study the policy and regulatory environment for renewable energy at the level of the Union Government as well as State Governments.
  • To initiate your intervention in matters before the regulatory commissions to ensure the growth of renewable energy.
  • Be a catalyst in market development so as to facilitate investments in the renewable energy and energy efficient sectors.
  • To facilitate business collaboration, technology transfer and development upgradation.
  • Be an effective communications point to create awareness and spread information and knowledge in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • To extend necessary help to ensure human resource development and skills upgradation in the sectors.
  • Be an effective platform to develop an understanding between entrepreneurs and financial institutions.
  • To establish relationships with other similar global and national institutions for exchange of knowledge and experience.