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Favouring "Indian Renewable Energy Federation", payable at New Delhi.

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The wide range of interest groups and stakeholders who are intersted in putting India on the path of clean energy can become IREF Member.

The broad categories of members are as follows:

  • Industry associations within the RE space
  • Clean energy products and system manufacturers
  • Clean energy system integrators including EPC providers and energy-service companies (ESCOs)
  • Clean energy investors and Independent Power Producers
  • Venture capitalists, banks, private equity funds, financial institutions, micro finance institutions
  • Think tanks and policy bodies
  • Academic and research institutions
  • NGOs and other civil society groups
  • Individuals with interest in the sector



Annual Turnover (₹ crore)* Membership Catogory Annual Membership Fee (₹)* One Time Joining fee (₹)*
200 or more Platinum 1,50,000 4,50,000
50-200 Diamond 80,000 2,40,000
20-50 Gold 60,000 1,80,000
5-20 Silver 40,000 1,20,000
Below 5 crore Bronze 20,000 50,000


Institutional Members Annual Membership Fee (₹)*
Industry associations (RE and others) 1,00,000
Not-for-profit institutions 20,000
Academic institutions 20,000
Individuals and working professionals 5,000

* All fees may be paid with Service tax, as applicable (currently 15%)

India Renewable Energy Federation
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